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The Committee on the Environment was formed to promote the benefits of environmentally-conscious design and construction within the building professions and the community at large. We are involved in a number of projects, some in partnership with community organizations, to promote a healthier, more sustainable environment in the Baltimore region. We are planning inspiring and educational events for architects and associates in the coming year. Just a hint of our plans include a Winter party, informative sessions on the 2030 Challenge, Passive House, energy and resource neutral design, green building tours, “what are you doing?” sessions, and a family stream clean-up day.

The AIABaltimore Resiliency Committee joined COTE in January 2015. The subcommittee is a network of building design professionals dedicated to educating, promoting and implementing programs that help prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters within our design community and the community at large.

The committee meets  every 2nd Thursday at 8 a.m.

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Rudy Schaar, AIA
Whitman Requardt & Associates

Dustin Watson, AIA
inPlace Design 

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    Upcoming Events

  • Baltimore Urban Farm Ride 2017 - Last year, our bike tour focused on urban farms in Baltimore that grow a diversified mix of vegetables and fruits. This year, we will highlight a recent development in Baltimore’s urban agriculture movement: flower farms. continue reading

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