Avenere Cladding, LLC Provides Lightweight Cladding for Harborview Senior Apartments Rehabilitation Project

Press Release - Harborview Senior Apartments (2) 1


Press Release - Harborview Senior Apartments (2)














Baltimore, MD – Avenere Cladding LLCthe Baltimore-based national distributor of NeaCera® Terra-cotta Rainscreen Solutions—is proud to have been an integral part of the Harborview Senior Apartments Rehabilitation Project.

The brick exterior of the Harborview Senior Apartments, located in Jersey City, New Jersey, was failing. After 50 years, this building was due for a major upgrade—which unfortunately is the story for a lot of face-sealed buildings. The deterioration of Harborview Senior Apartments was due in large part to water damage resulting from the façade’s inability to keep moisture out.

“We are seeing a lot of reclad projects in the industry right now,” said Michael Wiencek of Wiencek and Associates. “Each project is different but water damage seems to be the cause for many.”

Avenere Cladding worked closely with the architects of Wiencek and Associate to provide a rainscreen solution that met the needs of this leaking, face-sealed building. Rainscreen systems are designed to accommodate the fact that no façade can keep out all moisture. Water that accumulates behind the cladding now has a means of egress, while the back ventilation allows for air flow behind the exterior panels.

The goal of this project was to protect the interior from the outside elements. The solution was challenged by the budget and the need for a lightweight cladding that could be supported by the existing structure.

NeaCera was the preferred façade as its panels weigh only 7.2 pounds per square foot, thus the existing structure had no problem supporting the new façade. Additionally, Avenere Cladding was able to provide the NeaCera Rainscreen System at price that fit the budget of this subsidized project.

“Each project has its own challenges” says Wiencek. “With Harborview we didn’t have the opportunity to build from the ground up; we had to work with what was in front of us. We chose NeaCera because it met our challenge at a price the owners could afford.”

The members of Avenere Cladding were excited to be part of a project that rehabilitated a building that may not have been salvageable otherwise.

“We are seeing so many buildings built in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s where the exterior envelopes are failing. We are excited that there is a real need in the market place to save these buildings and we are able to offer a solution with our terra-cotta rainscreen panels. Harborview was such a rewarding experience and we look forward to participating in more of its kind”, says John Stahl, Vice President Sales at Avenere Cladding LLC.

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