Meet FAR Scholar Christine Doherty


Christine is the recipient of the 2015 AIABaltimore FAR Travel Scholarship, which she will be using to study in Bogota, Colombia. Christine also received a 2014 AIABaltimore FAR Scholarship Awards Honorable Mention and is an active member of the AIABaltimore FAR Committee.

What started your interest in architecture?

As a child, I always had a curiosity about spaces. My brother and I both loved playing with Legos, but while he made spaceships I made houses. In high school I took a few tech ed classes and made bridges and houses with wood and computer programs, but it wasn’t until I enrolled in community college and took my first design studio that I began to understand what architecture is—the design of space and form to create an experience for people. Since then, my curiosity and love has expanded profoundly for architecture and urban design.

What excites you the most about attending Washington University in St. Louis?

WashU’s interdisciplinary program focuses on the critical role of architects in society and culture. The school has a strong history of practice-based education that has been expanded to include depth in issues of sustainability and digital design. What sold me to Wash U are the many great professors who are experts in today’s world of design and the strong connection the program has to St. Louis. I will be getting a dual degree with a Masters of Urban Design along with a Masters of Architecture.

Describe your ideal or dream future career as an Architect: What kind of projects will you design & where will you practice? What specialty or design accomplishments do you hope to become known for?

During my time at Morgan State I learned that architecture can progress a society by improving the lives of everyday people. My views on design have turned to a more sociological approach in the sense that I value tactical urbanism and the need for contextual relationships. While I have experience from two firms, Ei Associates in Harrisburg and Marshall Craft Associates in Baltimore, I want experience in a larger firm that competes for international work after graduate school, such as Gensler or RTKL. There is strong movement happening in the developing world I want to spend my career empowering disenfranchised communities by utilizing architecture as a catalyst for social inclusion.

About AIABaltimore

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