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Jackie Deavers Browning Specialized Business Consultant/Owner

Jackie Deavers Browning
Specialized Business Consultant/Owner

Jackie has yet to finish her business journey.

As a creative individual with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion, the launch of her new business venture, “WINDOW & DOOR PLANNING CONSULTANTS, LLC”, allows her to do just that!

For over 30 years, Jackie has amassed valuable educational and business knowledge, all by doing.

Her talents have been further honed as a custom window and door expert who is highly recognized and respected by her clients and peers in the architectural and construction professions as the “go to” expert and advisor.

Jackie’s 25 years as a window and door business owner afforded her countless of successful collaborations on projects within the Baltimore, Washington and Annapolis areas, alongside architects, contractors, homeowners and Preservation Organizations.

The combination of a respected reputation, experience, knowledge and integrity guarantees the client a competitive edge, successful results and most assuredly, peace of mind.

I’m sure you are asking yourself, why do I need an expert for my business and project? What can they really bring to the process that will help reach the end goal and save time, money and potential aggravation?

The answer, in brief, is “a lot.”

Why? First, my past experiences are atypical:

  • Being on the inside of a business afforded me clear perception and understanding of what really goes on “behind closed doors.”  I know what it takes to run a successful business, satisfy a clients needs, and what pitfalls to avoid.
  • My thorough understanding of the architectural and contractor professions allows for effective and efficient communication on both sides of a project.
  • My keen ability to sort through the jargon and separate fact from fiction in terms you can understand affords good decisions.
  • I thoroughly understand the real needs and desires of the homeowner who is looking to spend their hard-earned money to replace one window or door, or build their dream home because I’ve helped thousands over 25 years!
  • Over my entire career as a trusted business partner, I’ve amassed an extensive support network of key connections. This affords me the invaluable ability to negotiate, manage, and monitor on your behalf, protecting your best interest fairly and objectively.
  • I understand that no one can be “a Jack of all trades” and continue to be successful. My experiences are honed to your specific needs which affords you focused efforts and undivided attention.

Second, I’ve seen everything and I’ve worked with some of the best (and worst) in the industry. I understand not everyone has your best interest at heart. Ethics, morals and honesty are sometimes compromised for the sake of “the sale” and you could be the victim. I’ve been client focused my entire career and understand true success comes from genuinely looking out for the client’s best interest. Falling short of that will guarantee failure and a scarred reputation.

I understand that when you trust an expert to have your best interest at heart, it is an emotional connection as well as financial commitment.  As your advisor and consultant, be assured, your best interest is first and foremost.

As your liaison and advisor, my commitment is to you and your project!

As your partner, you are assured:

  • A proven, motivated advisor, who brings an exceptional skill set and the required business savvy to make us a winning team for your projects and your business!
  • An objective and professional analysis for best use, design, performance and solutions.
  • A Fresh Perspective, stimulating ideas and positive direction for your project, staff and business.
  • A professional liaison, mediator, arbitrator, who can get to the heart of the matter, communicate effectively, improve negotiations and positioning, affording positive end results.
  • A solid and extensive network of support professionals.
  • An “extra pair of hands” who can supplement skills to your organization without the frustration of having to recruit, train and commit to a full time hire.
  • A level of ethics and expertise that will guarantee you and your clients Peace of Mind and overall Savings to the bottom line!
  • A trusted liaison who will advise objectively, without pressure, having your best interest at heart.
  • A communicator who can decipher the jargon and sort out the technical details, in terms you will understand.
  • A trusted advisor and confidant who can take the uncertainty and stress out of the decision making process.
  • A steadfast and reliable advisor, who, by your side, can protect you from costly mistakes!

It‘s good to know an expert…It’s even better to work with one!

Please connect today to schedule your free and confidential conversation to discuss our partnership options.

Please “stay tuned” to my website and my other social media sites to connect and read further about the support I offer to you and your projects.

Jackie Browning
cell: 410-404-5780   |

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