Transforming Baltimore: The New Green Code


Ever since its introduction, there has been a lot of speculation regarding the International Green Construction Code (IgCC). What is IgCC all about and what does it mean for you? Who has adopted IgCC Codes in the region and what are future trends? What will I be expected to know and do?

This presentation takes a practical look at the 2012 IgCC from the perspective of Architects and Engineers practicing in Maryland. It also covers an overview of the 2012 IgCC, including the scope and basics of the new code as adopted in Maryland and Baltimore. A technical discussion on the IgCC chapters focuses on the site development, energy, commissioning, materials, water, and IEQ requirements of the IgCC that standout from other green rating systems.

Click HERE to read the presentation (PDF) given on Tuesday, June 30, as part of the COTE event: Transforming Baltimore: The New Green Code (AIABaltimore Committee on the Environment .


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