Wohlsen Construction Company Announces 3-Year Partnership with FieldLens as their Mobile Field Management Platform of Choice

New York, NY (October 30, 2015) – After years of researching and testing various mobile field management platforms developed for the construction industry, Wohlsen Construction Company announced today a 3-year partnership with FieldLens, a New York City based developer of the construction industry’s leading mobile communication app. Wohlsen Construction is a leading merit-shop firm, providing construction management, general contracting and design/build services to clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic States, especially in the senior living, education, healthcare and commercial markets.

The Wohlsen technology and operations teams evaluated several mobile technologies over the past few years, ultimately choosing FieldLens over the competition for its ability to simplify communication, improve documentation and capture critical field information. Wohlsen also chose FieldLens for the platform’s ability to simplify how project teams log work-to-complete items, create punch list and safety issues, review drawings and more. Wohlsen’s team wanted the best way to communicate with project teams in the field so that information is readily available on the jobsite as it happens, and with the intention of reducing double-entry project data, all of which is made possible through FieldLens.

A determining factor for Wohlsen was FieldLens’ recent release of Drawings with LiveLayer™, a feature connecting construction drawings to the realtime conversations happening on jobsites. LiveLayer™ allows all FieldLens users to view tasks, punch list items, progress observations, daily reports, safety issues and more as they happen, right on their project plans. FieldLens is also interoperable with Bluebeam, making it simple for Wohlsen’s Bluebeam users to upload and work from all linked sets. This allows project teams to communicate the location of tasks and deficiencies to Wohlsen’s subcontractor partners through the use of drawing snippets, annotations, photos, and video attachments.

“FieldLens provides our teams with a tool that offers them structure in an unstructured environment,” says Ed McCauley, IT Director of Wohlsen. “They encounter a tremendous amount of ‘stuff’ throughout the course of a day and by using FieldLens to quickly capture, track, and communicate critical task, our project teams are able to keep their projects moving forward. It’s important that we outfit our team members with the best tool to do their jobs effectively, and that tool is FieldLens.”

“Our team is very excited to be partnering with Wohlsen Construction Company, and to deliver a superior communication experience to their project teams,” says Doug Chambers, CEO of FieldLens. “On a personal level, I’m incredibly proud to call Wohlsen a partner, and I look forward to working with their team to ensure FieldLens helps make their projects as successful as possible. In their 125 years in business, Wohlsen has demonstrated a commitment to innovation for the sake of providing value to their clients, and we are glad that FieldLens has been chosen as their tool of choice for managing how Wohlsen project teams communicate on the jobsite.”

Release courtesy Wohlsen Construction

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