October 11, 2016 / Design Awards

2016 AIABaltimore Excellence in Design Awards

2016 Grand Design Award Winner

© Karl Connolly Photography

Baltimore Museum of Art Major Renovations
Baltimore, MD

Jury Comment: This was a difficult project to accomplish and the design team did an amazing job. It is clear that the experience of the visitor is central to the project’s design goals. The transformation of the entry and reopening of the original entrance is outstanding. It is very hard to insert new elements, systems, and materials in a way that doesn’t detract from the art. The new interventions are very sensitive. It takes strength to look back and unravel past decisions and reset the institution. The jury appreciated that the team didn’t take the attitude that they needed to ‘make it exactly like it was when John Russell Pope did it.’ This takes a thoughtful designer and outstanding exhibition design.
Owner: Baltimore Museum of Art | Contractor: Whiting-Turner Contracting Company | Structural Engineer: Morabito Consultants | Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Mueller Associates 

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 2016 Award for Excellence in Environmentally Sustainable Design


Green Street Academy Exterior

Tom Holdsworth Photography

Green Street Academy
Hord Coplan Macht
Baltimore, MD
Jury Comment: It is a difficult task to accomplish a high level of sustainable design and a LEED Platinum certification for a school project with a low budget.
Owner: Green Street Academy | Contractor: Southway Builders/MCN Build (JV) | Civil Engineer: KCW Engineering | Structural Engineer: CMJ Engineering | Mechanical and Electrical Engineer: Gipe Associates

2016 Michael F. Trostel, FAIA, Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation


Francis L. Cardozo Education Campus Exterior

Bryan Becker Photography

Francis L. Cardozo Education Campus
Design Architect/Architect of Record: Hartman-Cox Architects
School Architect: Grimm+Parker Architects

Washington, DC
Jury Comment: This is an outstanding preservation of a historic high school now serving  K-12 education. The jury appreciated that the design maintained the wood floor, which is wonderful for an elementary school. The added gym was sensitive in its siting and does not overwhelm the main historic building.
Owner: Government of the District of Columbia, DC Department of General Services | Contractor: GCS/Segal, LLC | Landscape Architect: Lee and Associates | Civil Engineer: Wiles Mensch Corporation DC | Structural Engineer: Robert Silman Associates | Mechanical Engineer: Allen & Shariff Engineering

2016 Excellence in Design Award Winners


Court House Interior

© 2016, Stacy Zarin Goldberg Photography

Court House
Foundry Architects
Washington, DC
Jury Comment: The jury appreciated the project’s simplicity and the rethinking of the site as well as the restraint with the use of materials.  It was a good move to reconfigure the stair and to know that in the scheme of things it is not a large expense.  The courtyard creates a nice outside space and allows the living room to have privacy and light, which is always difficult in a row house.
Contractor: Primos Contractors, Inc. 

Oak Springs Farm exterior

©2016, Karl Connolly Photography

Oak Springs Farm House Addition
Read & Company Architects, Inc
Malvern, PA
Jury comment: Working with an incredible material palette and great craftsmanship, this residential renovation and addition offers a clear and generous idea for space, a structural continuity and logic, and a lot of well-executed details. The design is a traditional aesthetic, and the austerity balances well with the renovation of the existing structure.
Contractor: Cherokee Construction | Landscape Architect: Stephen Stimson Associates | Civil Engineer: Chester Valley Engineers, Inc. | Structural Engineer: Carney Engineering Group, Inc. 

Occoquan Park rendering

Rendering by Hord Coplan Macht

Occoquan Regional Park
Hord Coplan Macht
Lorton, VA (Unbuilt)
Jury Comment: There is a nice integration of the landscape with the building. The handling of the site section offers a simple strategy for organizing the building and landscape, allowing for them to benefit from each other. It creates a nice relationship of public use of the park as well as private events in park, so that these can interact and enliven each other without creating odd boundaries.
Owner: Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority

Travel Plazas

Tom Holdsworth Photography

Maryland House and Chesapeake House Travel Plazas
Ayers Saint Gross
Harford County and Cecil County, MD
Jury Comment: This program of this project is an admirable one: to create public space on the road. The jury commends this objective as well as the design.
Owner: Maryland Transportation Authority | Client: Areas | Contractor: Clark Construction | Civil Engineer: WBCM | Structural Engineer: Cagley & Associates | Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Burdette, Koehler, Murphy & Associates, Inc

Library exterior

Robert Creamer Photography

The Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington at Mount Vernon
Ayers Saint Gross
Mount Vernon, VA
Jury Comment: This project exemplifies a balance among the dignified and historic, and a modern approach to providing for good light, a nice sequence of spaces, and relationship of courtyards. It is very grand and also shows humility, appropriately reflecting George Washington. The design is crisp, pared down, and abstracted for being traditional. Tall windows give grandeur. Making the reading room the heart of the project is a nice idea.
Owner: Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association | Contractor: Whiting-Turner Contracting Company | Landscape Architect: Michael Vergason Landscape Architects | Civil Engineer: Rummel Klepper & Kahl, LLP | Structural Engineer: Cagley & Associates | Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Mueller Associates

© 2016 Negar Tabibian

Ten Light
BCT Architects
Baltimore, MD
Jury Comment: This a good adaptive-reuse of a historic building. The jury appreciates the reuse of the formerly private spaces, such as the historic board room that became a lounge for residents, and the creation of a common space and pool on the rooftop.
Owner: Metropolitan Baltimore, LLC | Contractor: Halle Companies | Civil Engineer: Morris & Richie Associates, Inc. | Structural, Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: RMF Engineering 


Rendering by Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects

Reid Menzer Memorial Skatepark
Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects
York, PA
Jury Comment: The jury lauds this pro bono project and the significant community engagement it represents. The design is creative in reusing the old pieces of culverts, and other found materials.
Owner: York City Recreation Corporation (YCRC) | Contractor: Arment Concrete | Civil Engineer: C.S. Davidson, Inc. 

Parks and People exterior

© Karl Connolly Photography

The Center for Parks & People at Auchentoroly Terrace
Baltimore, MD
Jury Comment: This project demonstrates a nice balance of a modern aesthetic with historic references. The strategy of tucking the building mass under the green roof is very clever, as the scale could have overwhelmed the original historic structure. The jury commends this project for taking sustainability very seriously.
Owner: Parks & People Foundation | Contractor: Lewis Contractors | Landscape Architect: Stephen Stimson Associates | Civil Engineer: STV | Structural Engineer: ReStl Designers, Inc. | Mechanical & Electrical Engineers: Vanderweil Engineers

Friends School Performing Arts Center exterior

© Karl Connolly Photography

Friends School of Baltimore, New Performing & Visual Arts Center
Baltimore, MD
Jury Comment: This addition does not completely defer to the existing building, and the team devised a skillful design for opening up the ceiling trusses, and opening out the raked seating. It creates wonderful space, with a good use of color in the seating, and detailing of glass and stone. The roof drainage is clever, and there is elegance in the wood box that maintains the original volume by externalizing the control room.
Owner: Friends School of Baltimore | Contractor: A.R., Inc. | Civil Engineer: Gower Thompson | Structural Engineer: Morabito Consultants | Mechanical & Electrical Engineers: Mueller Associates

2016 Excellence in Design Awards Honorable Mentions


Naval Academy rendering

Rendering by Crystal CG

Naval Academy Center for Cyber Securities Building
Annapolis, MD (Unbuilt)
Jury Comment: This proposal offers interesting construction elements and a good way to break the length and massing of the building. The jury appreciates the handling of the program and nice surprises such as the bird-level gathering space. The different facades allow the building to register the two conditions of the site, such as the sinuous façade that borders the creek, and the sedated and regulated facades that relate to the campus.
Owner: Hensel Phelps | Contractor: Hensel Phelps | Landscape Architect: Oculus | Civil Engineer: Timmons Group

Meeting barn exterior

Paul Burk Photography

College of Charleston Dixie Meeting Barn
Ayers Saint Gross
Hollywood, SC
Jury comment: The design is very controlled and scaled right. The services were tucked to one side to preserve the purity of the gable. The jury appreciates the treatment of the porch spaces, and the sensitive site planning. The design achieved an appropriate balance of scale for an institutional project that has a residential reference. The restrained material palette is very nice, especially the use of one material for many elements.
Owner: College of Charleston | General Contractor: Schuchart | Civil Engineer: GEL Engineering & Environmental, LLC | Structural Engineer: ADC Engineering | Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: DWG Engineering

Zimmerman Center exterior

J. David Allen and Son Photography

Zimmerman Center for Heritage Waterside Pavilion and Accessibility Enhancements
Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects
Wrightsville, PA
Jury comment: This project took a space that was unredeeming at the starting point and transformed it into a nice work environment. The connecting stair, use of glass and stainless steel details add to the openness of the space. Color is used rather sparingly but in an effective way to highlight important elements within the office space.
Owner: Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Area | Contractor: Kinsley Construction, Inc. | Landscape Architect: Yost, Strodoski, Mears | Civil Engineer: RETTEW Associates, Inc. | Structural Engineer: Baker, Ingram & Associates | Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Hoffman, Borowski & Associates, Inc.

restaurant interior

© 2015 Jennifer Hughes

1157 Bar + Kitchen
Rohrer Studio
Baltimore, MD
Jury comment: The jury appreciated the compact design of this restaurant and the transformation of a small-scaled row house.
Owner: Jane Ambrose & Jason Ambrose | Contractor: Hencken & Gaines | Structural Engineer: Mincin Patel Milano

M on Madison exterior

©2016, Christine Fillat Photography

M on Madison
FILLAT+ Architecture
Baltimore, MD
Jury comment: This project offers good design for affordable housing; a type not often looked at as design architecture. The nice design moves include the ground floor structure, and the green roof that offers a nice place for residents to use as a park.
Owner: HTA Development | Contractor: Hamel Builders | Landscape Architect: Stone Hill Design | Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Century Engineering | Structural Engineer: Mehta Consultants, Inc.

Vanguard retail interior

Paper Camera

Vanguard Retail Development
Vanguard Architects, LLC.
Baltimore, MD
Jury comment: This office project shows inventive reuse of equipment as furnishings in this former industrial space. There is something refreshingly out of the ordinary about the aesthetic, which feels more like a hospitality space. The colors are outside the normal architectural palette. There is a relentlessness to it that is inventive, and carried through very thoroughly.
Owner: Vanguard Retail Development | Contractor: Vanguard Commercial Development | Structural Engineer: Mincin Patel Milano | Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Century Engineering

toll booth

@2011, Michael Koryta

I-95 Newark Toll Plaza Renovation
Whitman, Requardt & Associates, LLP
Newark, DE
Jury comment: The project offers a nice design for a moment of passing-through.  The truss becomes a “spine” mechanism for the tolls to celebrate and occupy.
Contractor: A-Del

© Karl Connolly Photography

The Centre
Baltimore, MD
Jury comment: The restored façade and former theater marquee are a beacon for the area. This is an interesting building with complicated history—a smart way to bring a part of town back to life. The design is cool, interesting, and lively. The program is commendable: it could have been single tenant and would have resulted in less engagement with the community.
Owner: Jubilee Baltimore | Contractor: Southway Builders | Civil Engineer: STV Group | Structural Engineer: Robert Silman Associates | Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: James Posey Associates

Felegy Elementary School extreior

2015, Patrick Ross

Edward M. Felegy Elementary School
Hord Coplan Macht
Hyattsville, MD
Jury comment: This project is admirably done for the budget and the site has a difficult topography to deal with. The jury liked the interior street which creates a sense of community within the school, and also the material selections.
Associated Architect: Cuningham Group Architecture | Owner: Prince George’s County Public Schools | Contractor: Sigal Construction | Civil Engineer: Soltesz | Structural Engineer: Columbia Engineering | Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Weigand Associates

Interior of Shakespeare theater

Alan Gilbert Photography

Chesapeake Shakespeare Theater
Cho Benn + Holback Associates
Baltimore, MD
Jury comment: There is a seeming clash between the new design of the theater and the building’s old function as a bank, but the jury is impressed with how this space works well for this new use.  The design also offers a very nice use of color.
Owner: Chesapeake Shakespeare Company | Contractor: Southway Builders | Structural Engineer: Mincin Patel Milano | Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Mueller Associates

2016 Good Design = Good Business Award


Zimmerman Center exterior

J. David Allen and Son Photography

Zimmerman Center for Heritage Waterside Pavilion and Accessibility Enhancements
Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects
Wrightsville, PA
Jury comment: The jury appreciated the use of the existing field stone wall. The design of the pavilion creates excitement and drama with its seemingly floating roof, while remaining subtle and minimalist, not attempting to copy or echo the historic building. The program is good business, allowing visitors access to the whole site in a comfortable way and creating a unified experience.
Owner: Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Area | Contractor: Kinsley Construction, Inc. | Landscape Architect: Yost, Strodoski, Mears | Civil Engineer: RETTEW Associates, Inc. | Structural Engineer: Baker, Ingram & Associates | Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Hoffman, Borowski & Associates, Inc.

Vanguard retail interior

Paper Camera

Vanguard Retail Development
Vanguard Architects, LLC.
Baltimore, MD
Jury comment: The design was clear in defining what this business is about in a very strong way. It offers a juxtaposition of textures, color and detail, and great repurposing of found objects. The space has a warmth to it, and looks like a pleasant place to work.
Owner: Vanguard Retail Development | Contractor: Vanguard Commercial Development | Structural Engineer: Mincin Patel Milano | Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Century Engineering

2016 Good Design = Good Business Honorable Mention


Senior center exterior

Alain Jaramillo

Washington County Senior Center and Commission on Aging.
Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects
Baltimore, MD
Jury comment: The jury was pleased to see this former armory building reused, and its green field site preserved. The design intervention lightened up and transformed this public building and created a socially responsible program at a low budget.
Owner: Washington County, Maryland | Contractor: Callas Contractors, Inc. | Landscape Architect & Civil Engineer: Frederick, Seibert and Associates, Inc. | Structural Engineer: Regan-Matonak & Associates | Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Kibart, Inc.

2016 President Awards

Client of the Year
The Time Group
Civic Engagement
Camessia Johnson, Assoc. AIA
Consultant of the Year
Chris Coleman/Coleman Consulting LLC
Service to the Profession
Robert Hodge/Howard County Architectural Design Academy
Contractor of the Year
Plano Coudon Construction
Architectural Journalism
Fred Scharmen, Assoc. AIA
Craftsman of the Year
G. Krug & Sons
Community Development
Southwest Partnership
Allied Member of the Year
Dwight Griffith/Griffith Brilhart Builders
Architectural Discourse
Klaus Philipsen, FAIA
Price Modern
Public Advocacy
David Lever
Community Architect
Jim Determan, FAIA
Promising Emerging Professional
Crystal McKenzie, AIA

2016 Baltimore Architecture Foundation Awards

Golden Griffin Award
The Parks & People Foundation

BAF’s Golden Griffin Award is presented to an organization that has demonstrated a dedication to Architecture and to furthering its understanding in Baltimore.

Roger D. Redden Award
Jillian Storms, AIA

The Roger D. Redden Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated a lifelong dedication to Architecture and to furthering its understanding in Baltimore.

Baltimore Architecture Foundation/AIABaltimore Fellows Leadership Award
Sumayyah Raji
Runner Up: Ryan Couto

The Baltimore Architecture Foundation/AIABaltimore Fellows Leadership Award is intended to encourage and assist students to be leaders in their academic program, and foster leadership skills for their future in the architecture profession.

Excellence in Design Awards Jury

Larry Speck, FAIA,  Page

lg_port_larry_4Larry Speck is well known equally for his diverse portfolio of award-winning architecture and his distinguished career as an inspiring educator. Larry is also a prolific author and influential critic.
From 1992 to 2001 Larry served as Dean of the School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin, where he has been a member of the faculty since 1975. He also has served on advisory boards for architectural schools at M.I.T., the University of Michigan, Tulane University, LSU, Cranbrook and the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.
In 2011 he was recognized with the AIA/ACSA Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education, the highest honor given to an architectural educator from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA).
In 1999 Larry joined Page, then known as Page Southerland Page, as a principal. Larry’s design work has won more than thirty national awards, over twenty state or regional awards and nearly seventy local awards.
Larry is author or co-author of three books: Landmarks of Texas Architecture (1986) Technology, Sustainability and Cultural Identity (2007) and The University of Texas: A Campus Guide (2012). In addition, he has edited or co-edited four publications, has contributed chapters in eleven books by others and has written over fifty articles for professional journals.
Larry is a fellow in the American Institute of Architects and served as chair of the jury to select AIA Fellows in 2005. He has also served on the Architectural Advisory Board for the U.S. State Department Overseas Building Operations, as a National Peer Reviewer for the U.S. General Services Administration Design Excellence Program and on the boards of national environmental groups such as Greenguard Environmental Institute and Air Quality Sciences.

Elizabeth Alford, Assoc. AIA, Pollen Architecture

elizabethElizabeth Alford founded Pollen Architecture in Austin, Texas in 2008 with Michael Young, and Dason Whitsett.  Elizabeth’s work centers on creating engaging spaces that are carefully integrated into their surroundings, both natural settings and urban contexts.  Elizabeth uses section, natural light and materiality to enrich the experience of a space.  Prior to forming Pollen, Elizabeth ran her own firm, Elizabeth Alford Projects in Austin and New York, doing projects including studio renovations and farm buildings.
Pollen has received substantial recognition for its work.  Most recently, their Balcones House had over 2700 visitors as part of the 2011 AIA Austin Homes Tour.  Their 12thStreet Studios project won an AIA Design Award in 2010 and the UTSoA Student Architecture Award in 2009. Their work has been published inDetail Magazine,Architecture Record, and most recently, on the cover of Tribeza, Austin’s local design magazine.  Elizabeth has lectured at the UT School of Architecture, in Austin’s “Architecture at the Umlauf” series, in Pecha Kucha #5, and at Portland State University.
Elizabeth has taught architecture design studios at the University of Texas at Austin since 2003, as well as seminars on factory production of houses and building components.  She organized the conference “Site::Offsite, Architecture and the Factory-Built House” in 2004, and received a Graham Foundation grant to produce a book of the same name.  She was a faculty advisor for two UT Solar Decathlon teams.
Elizabeth graduated from Wellesley College and holds a Masters Degree in Architecture from Columbia University, where she was awarded the AIA Citation of Merit for outstanding graduate work.  Before returning to her native Austin, Elizabeth apprenticed with leading design firms in New York and abroad, including Smith-Miller+Hawkinson Architects, A.R.O., Polshek & Partners, and O.M.A.

Michael Hsu, AIA, Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

michael-Hsu001Michael Hsu, AIA, IIDA is the founder and principal of Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, an Austin, Texas based firm of architects and interior designers founded in 2005. Following graduation from the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture, Hsu worked at OMA in the Netherlands and in Dallas before returning to Austin where he has practiced since 1998. Hsu is currently a member of the University of Texas School of Architecture’s Advisory Council and an active member of the local AIA Advocacy group. His firm has received numerous design awards from the Texas Society of Architects, AIA Los Angeles, IIDA Texas/Oklahoma Chapter, the Heritage Society of Austin and AIA Austin including Firm Achievement of the Year in 2016.
Michael Hsu Office of Architecture was formed with the goal of producing locally engaged, design-driven architecture and interiors. The firm advocates a simple, edited design palette, using available materials and techniques to create unexpected results. MHOA believes in the innate beauty of unadorned natural materials, carefully chosen, composed, and crafted.
Michael Hsu Office of Architecture collaborates on a wide range of project types including residential, restaurants, retail, commercial, mixed-used, and adaptive re-use. Clients include Endeavor Real Estate Group, Greystar, Home Slice Pizza, New Waterloo (South Congress Hotel, Sway, La Condesa, Hotel Ella), Parkside Projects (the backspace, Olive & June, Bullfight), Fifth + West, P. Terry’s, Shake Shack, Uchi & Uchiko, Westlake Dermatology, and Canopy, among others.

Residential and Unbuilt Design Awards Jury

Ernesto Cragnolino, FAIA, Alterstudio

lg_cragnolino_1With over 20 years of professional practice, Ernesto Cragnolino has focused on the design of institutional, commercial and residential projects for a variety of clients and at a variety of budgets.  In 2016, Mr. Cragnolino was elevated to become a member of the prestigious AIA College of Fellows.  He has taught design and construction at the University of Texas School of Architecture.

Miguel Rivera, FAIA, Miro Rivera Architects

miguel rivera_portraitMiguel Rivera was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Puerto Rico School of Architecture. He earned his Master of Architecture from Columbia University, in New York.
Miguel is an active member of the American Institute of Architects and the Texas Society of Architects (TSA). In 2005, Miguel was awarded the AIA National Young Architect Award and in 2014 he was elevated to the College of Fellows. He has served on AIA design awards juries in New York City, Colorado, Chicago and Alabama and was a juror for the Bi-Annual design awards for the Colegio de Arquitectos of Puerto Rico.
Miguel has lectured at the Universities of Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, Veracruz, Tennessee, Buffalo, Louisiana, Munich and UNAM in Mexico. His work has been published in several books and numerous publications and has been exhibited in Berlin, Venice Architectural Biennale and at the Hostos Art Gallery in New York City.
Before forming Miró Rivera Architects with Juan Miró in 2000, he was an associate at Mitchell/Giurgola Architects in New York City (1991-2000), where he was involved in many award-winning large-scale, institutional projects.

Elizabeth Danze, FAIA, Danze Blood Architects

Danze, Elizabeth 2009Elizabeth Danze is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects and an Associate Professor at The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture, where she is the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and holds the Meadows Foundation Centennial Fellowship in Architecture. She is a principal with Danze Blood Architects, and her work integrates practice and theory across disciplines by examining the convergence of sociology and psychology with the tangibles of space and construction. Danze is co-editor of Architecture and Feminism and co-editor and author of CENTER 9: Regarding the Proper and Psychoanalysis and Architecture-The Annual of Psychoanalysis, Volume 33 and CENTER 17: Space and Psyche.  She is the architect advisor to the American Psychoanalytic Association’s Committee on Psychoanalysis and the Academy. Danze is the recipient of the University of Texas System Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award and is a member of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers.

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