November 15, 2016 / Member News


jimmy supporting NDC
By Jimmy Leonard, Assoc. AIA – 2016 CivicLAB Alum, AIA CAE Advocacy Participant
I woke up last week and Baltimore was still the place I’ve come to know since moving from North Carolina a few years ago: a city comprised of a multitude of social, environmental and economic complexities and contradictions. While some things have changed these past weeks, I have not. I still have my compassion for humanity and hold strong to a vision of the world that is healthy and safe for everyone. If anything, my resolve has been strengthened by recent events. I will continue to work with the Neighborhood Design Center in Baltimore City and continue to give voice to the underserved, now more than ever, in whatever capacity that I can. As a profession we have a tendency to throw words around the public stage like “resiliency”, “equity”, “diversity”, and “sustainability.” The litmus test for the profession is happening now; are we all talk or do we have the grit to follow through on our words? I believe #MyAIABaltimore is capable of such resolve.