2016 AIABaltimore Bylaws and Board Candidate Voting


AIABaltimore Bylaws Updates and Revisions

As AIABaltimore’s Chapter Bylaws have not been revised for over ten years, there are much needed updates and revisions for the review and approval of our Chapter’s AIA membership.

The proposed AIABaltimore Bylaws amendments reflect several categories of revisions: policy and nomenclature changes made by AIA National and AIA Maryland in the intervening years, revisions needed to bring our Bylaws up to date with our Chapter’s current procedures and practices, and changes to enhance representation of our Emerging Professionals, and to create greater transparency and participation among AIA membership at large.

View A Summary of Bylaws Revisions

Voting Process

Our current Bylaws establish a Quorum (minimum number of voters) as 15% of full (AIA) Members for voting at Annual Meetings and to amend Chapter Bylaws [Article 8(c)and (g)].

While one of the proposed amendments is to revise the Quorum provision to include Associate AIA Members for greater representation, for this vote, we must abide by the current provisions that allow only full AIA members to vote on Bylaws changes.  Therefore it is very important that all AIA members (licensed Architects) vote on the Bylaws amendments so that the Quorum can be reached.

To allow ample opportunity to receive votes, AIABaltimore will make advance electronic voting available prior to the Annual Meeting.  We will also conduct voting in person, or by proxy at the Annual Meeting to be held on December 8. Results for both the Bylaws amendments and the candidate elections for AIABaltimore Board of Directors, Officers, and AIA Maryland Directors will be announced following the conclusion of voting as per our current Bylaws.

Voting Eligibility

AIABaltimore Allied Members are eligible to vote on Allied Member candidates for the Board of Directors.

Associate AIA Members are eligible to vote on all candidates for elected office.

AIA Members are eligible to vote on all candidates for elected office, as well as Bylaws amendments.

Download PDF of Bylaws with Changes

Additional information about Bylaws changes available in the digital voting platform.

AIABaltimore Board Candidate Voting

Below are candidates nominated for open board positions at AIABaltimore and AIA Maryland. Note that in the bylaws as written, Allied Members may only vote for the Allied Member Board Representative Shadow.

AIA Directors
Associate AIA Director
AIA Maryland Board Representative
Allied Member Board Representative Shadow

AIA Director Candidates (2 Open Positions, 2 Year Term)

Jillian Storms. AIA

Jillian Storms headshotSTATEMENT OF INTEREST

It would be an honor to serve AIABaltimore on the Board of Directors for another 2 year term. I have shown a personal commitment in time and effort to further the cause of our organization, promoting chapter events and functions to both members and the public, and participating in the critical decision-making required of the board, especially as we help in the AIA State Realignment efforts.

I am motivated to serve as I believe only through joint efforts can we advance our profession and raise public awareness of the importance of good design and the critical role architects play in the creation of healthy and sustainable communities. My employment as a licensed architect in a government agency, outside of the traditional firm role, brings a unique perspective and asset to the AIABaltimore Board.

I offer my leadership skills in developing informative programs, such as the effort to showcase good design in K-12 Schools, or the research into professional women’s contribution to architecture in Maryland. I have seen the programs I am involved with through to successful outcomes, delivering engaging content though exhibits, panel discussions, and tours. None would have been possible without input from professionals young and old, developing the next generation of leaders and collaborating with other AIABaltimore committees and like-minded organizations. With the recent successful bid to bring the 2017 AIA Women’s Leadership Summit to the mid-Atlantic region with the North Virginia Chapter, I look forward to developing future programs that help advance the diversity of our members.

Martina Reilly, AIA


I am interested in serving on the AIA Board of Directors to help develop new diverse ways for AIABaltimore to reach out to the community. Through my past community work with AIA and the Neighborhood Design Center, I have learned different ways to approach empowering a  community about their built environment.

I have helped lead workshops with Neighborhood Design Center and their greeNDC program to inform residents about simple strategies they can use to help make their homes more sustainable. Through AIABaltimore, I partnered with Morgan State University to develop a studio based  around resilient design, and served to review student work and encourage students to apply for the B|MORE Resilient competition. The competition also served as outreach to the architectural community, as we encouraged all teams to include one student and one professional, promoting cross-generational dialogue.

Through my work as a co-chair with COTE +Resiliency, I have worked hard to form a relationship between the community and AIABaltimore. As a member of the Board of Directors, I would like to continue similar work and find ways to forge new relationships with organizations in the city who share a common goal. I want to encourage a culture of service in our profession and particularly work on empowering the youth and young architects to be more involved with the community.

I will bring fresh energy to the AIABaltimore Board of Directors through my experience and passion for community work.

Associate AIA Director Candidates (1 Open Position, 1 Year Term)

Camessia Johnson, Assoc. AIA

CamessiaJohnson_FARCommitteeBio_2015STATEMENT OF INTEREST

Over the past year I have taken on several leadership roles within my firm and the Future Architects Resources (FAR) Committee, and I have also participated in a number of grassroots leadership development initiatives, all of which have contributed to my goal of becoming a “Citizen’s Architect” and serving as a “vehicle for collaboration” among professionals, students, and educators.

Ascension to Associate AIA Director aligns with my current aspiration to bridge the gap between local architecture students and the professional design community. I believe bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds is critical for the advancement of the profession. Architecture is unique in that it affords opportunities to contribute meaningfully and embrace the local community. At this point in my career, I see great value in building networks and nurturing connections with the upcoming generation. It empowers youth as well as brings new perspectives to professionals who may otherwise be removed from the academic realm.

I am interested in this position because it is an opportunity to foster dialogue between generations of design thinkers, which will help to enrich our community and support aspiring architects. Through each stage of my growth and development it has remained important for me to stay true to my personal values and the high standards of the profession, never losing sight of advocacy and design for the greater good. I hope that my success stories, enthusiasm, and outreach efforts will inspire students and emerging professionals to become confident leaders early in their academic and post-graduate careers.

Danielle Peters, Assoc. AIA

Danielle Peters_photoSTATEMENT OF INTEREST

I have been involved with AIABaltimore for the past three years. I have been to thoughtful lectures, committee meetings, fun events, and informative happy hours. I have networked with many fellow members that have become my friends and coworkers.

I have seen the many opportunities that AIABaltimore provides through my involvement with the chapter. I look forward to working together with all members of the community to further the outreach work of AIABaltimore. I believe that it is important to foster relationships between the Emerging Professionals Committee and the rest of the AIABaltimore community. The emerging professionals will become leaders in our community, organization, and the many great firms in Baltimore.

What does the position of Associate AIA board member mean to me? It is the opportunity to become intimately involved with the inner workings of the chapter. I would use the position to connect the work of the Emerging Professionals committee with the goals of the board. My AIABaltimore membership has benefited me greatly, and I see this as an opportunity to give back to the organization. I would be honored to be able to serve as the Associate AIA Director.

AIA Maryland Board Position Candidates (2 Open Positions, 1 and 2 Year Terms)

Brian Blazejak, AIA


I share a common vision for what the AIA is, and, more importantly, what it will be: Your Voice for the profession. I believe that the AIA is an important vehicle to encourage the advancement of the practice. It is the change agent that will be the singular resource for the public, the advocate for the practitioner, and the leader in the education of future architects.

My active involvement in the AIA began when I was selected to participate in the first AIABaltimore CivicLAB program. One of the cornerstone elements of the program was to introduce the advocacy and legislative components of how the AIA represents architects and the profession at both the State and National Levels. I was immediately hooked and chose to participate in the annual Capitol Hill Congressional visits in Washington, DC. This experience was a humbling reminder that our lobbying efforts must be continuous and clear, as the halls of Congress are flooded with requests everyday.

Following CivicLAB, I was elected to serve on the Board of Directors at the State level, which provided a perfect opportunity to advocate not only for our profession, but also the emerging professionals within it. Since then, I have helped secure an AIA College of Fellows Grant for advancing emerging professionals, participated in the annual AIA Grassroots Convention, and presented the AIA Baltimore CivicLAB program to our peers at a National Conference. Additionally, I have served on the Executive Committee as Secretary for the past year. It has been extremely rewarding to have the opportunity to advocate on a State and National stage for our profession and I very much look forward to what we can accomplish in the near future.

Joel Fidler, AIA


I have been around architecture my entire life, having been raised by parents who both worked for a local architecture firm. As a professional, I have been part of Maryland’s architectural community for nearly 25 years. The majority of my work has been in the state and I am proud to have clients that include the Maryland School for the Blind, the Baltimore School for the Arts, Hagerstown Community College, UMBC, Sagamore Development Corporation, Struever Bros, Eccles and Rouse, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and the Baltimore City Planning Department.

Although I am focused on architectural design, my passion is advocacy as it intersects with design. I have testified at bill hearings, conferred with politicians, and reviewed legislation. My particular interests include issues of sustainability, investment in our education infrastructure, and preservation of our urban and historical resources. Joining the Board would provide me with an outlet to combine these pursuits. I am familiar with the landscape of state-level politics in Maryland and I am excited by the opportunity to engage the leaders of the state in this capacity to effectuate positive change.

I have the desire, knowledge and expertise to inform and impact policies that affect architects. I am confident that my organizational and leadership skills will be an asset to the Board and I look forward to advocating on behalf of AIA members.

Tarek Saleh, AIA


I served as a member of the board for a period of 1 year in 2012. Unfortunately, my family obligations were getting too much to handle and I was forced to resign my post. Although my tenure was short lived, I was a able to do a lot. My biggest accomplishment was to help create the Emerging Professional Committee in its current form and this was to better align the efforts of the chapter with that from AIA National. During that year, we had several meetings with representatives from throughout the state to help identify the role of the committee in assisting local chapters with all matters related to the emerging professional. Unfortunately, my short tenure did not allow me to see the fruits of my labor.

I have also had the pleasure of serving as AIA Baltimore IDP coordinator from 2010 to 2014, and established connections with a number of significant organizations that would help strengthen the effectiveness of the board in serving our local community such as NCARB, AIA National, Baltimore Green Works, and others.

I am passionate about the profession and the matters of professional practice, and I think the AIA Maryland board is a great venue to give back, and I would appreciate your consideration for nomination.

Allied Member Board Representative Shadow (1 Open Position; 1 Year Term as Shadow, 1 Year Term as Board Representative)

Jackie Browning


For over twenty-five years I have been afforded the great pleasure and honor of working alongside many of you and your colleagues. From the inception of my business venture in 1989, Window & Door Planning Centre, I knew that the architecture industry would be my business lifeline and that I had to commit to pursuing, building and nurturing lasting relationships to be successful.

Almost immediately, I engaged opportunities to sponsor and network within the Baltimore and Chesapeake Chapters of AIA. I also made cold calls to firms, one by one, throughout the Baltimore and Annapolis areas. In the beginning, I was pretty green to the Architects’ world. I was pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming support and hospitality afforded to me as I shared my business and product offerings with firm owners and associates. Little did I know that this relationship would be so symbiotic! They taught me so much about the profession in return for my solid support and commitment to their projects and clients.

I remained a staunch supporter of AIABaltimore and began engaging even further after meeting Karen Lewand, Hon. AIA. She did everything in her power to make sure I was included and supported at every event that I sponsored. We became good friends. I then became more active and joined the Allied Committee after meeting with Kathleen Lane, Assoc. AIA, shortly after she became Executive Director. For me, it was an immediate connection and she has continued to support my effort.

As my business has changed since 1989, I realize how many personal and business friendships I have made within the architectural community.  My network has exponentially grown since then and I appreciate them all. The further I understand the art of being an architect, the more keenly aware and appreciative I have become of my surroundings. It is with my deepest respect and gratitude that I request an opportunity to continue to work alongside of you for the good of this chapter, to share my knowledge with the emerging professionals and most importantly, support the efforts of the Board, for the continued good and growth of this Chapter.

I appreciate your kind consideration of my request.

About AIABaltimore

We are third oldest chapter of the American Institute of Architects, and have over 1,100 members creating and advocating for great, sustainable design in Charm City!
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