May 30, 2017 / Advocacy

AIABaltimore Awards Two Travel Scholarships to Morgan State Architecture Students

Scholarship winners (L-R): Maleick Fleming and Juwan McIntyre

Baltimore, MD (May 30, 2017) – AIABaltimore is pleased to award scholarships to Maleick Fleming and Juwan McIntyre to travel overseas for architectural research. Maleick will travel to Chile and Juwan will travel to Finland. The AIABaltimore Architecture Research and Travel Scholarship was established in 2007 to support distinguished students in Morgan State University’s School of Architecture and Planning (SA+P) undergraduate degree program, the Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Environmental Design (BSAED).
With Chile as a case study, Maleick will explore how community, government, and an architectural firm collaborate to create a model for sustainable housing development. He will look specifically at the work of Alejandro Aravena’s firm, ELEMENTAL. The result of collaboration between community, government, and architects is an effort to develop housing policies and infrastructure that are worth the communities’ investment. Maleick’s research will augment discussion about how this model can influence improvement of Baltimore’s housing policy and infrastructure.
Juwan’s project, Appreciation of Light, focuses on natural light and its relation to spaces, structures and people. Many people in Baltimore spend a large portion of their time indoors in a home, workspace, or classroom. The design of many of these places has no real consideration beyond the minimum standards for natural light and the effects of light on the occupants of a building. Finland is a country which receives eighteen hours of sunlight in the summer and only five to six hours of light in the winter, leading to much different architectural considerations than in Baltimore. Appreciation of Light is about gaining information about Finland’s solar pattern, architecture and appreciation of light and bringing this information to Baltimore to serve as catalyst for more solar oriented designs and to create awareness of the power of natural light.