December 11, 2017 / President's Letters

December 2017 President's Letter – Laying Groundwork for the Road Ahead

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As I reach the close of my term as your chapter president, I’d like to reflect back on my experience. I enjoyed being a part of the Mentorship Kick-Off, the AIA Grassroots, Conference on Architecture, luncheons with Baltimore City Council and our state legislators, the thought-provoking Spring Lecture Series, Doors Open Baltimore and the many other excellent programs our chapter organizes each year. Through these experiences I learned what our chapter is already doing well and ways to increase our presence and activism.
One of the biggest tasks that the Board undertook this year was updating our Strategic Plan to take us through 2021, our chapter’s 150th anniversary. As I presented at the Annual Meeting, the plan focuses on three strategic goals: Knowledge, Advocacy, and Public Outreach. Within each of these areas we set to reach three audiences: Members, Community, and Future Architects.
What strikes me most is the interconnectivity between each of the goals and each of the core audiences we aim to serve. As we build our knowledge, we increase our effectiveness in advocacy and standing with the public. As a member association, the primary focus is serving our members, but by also developing future architects and being engaged in communities, we are in turn supporting all members and the betterment of our profession.
You can read the full Strategic Plan here:
There are many ways we can move our chapter forward, whether it is through supporting small business initiatives and practice management, connecting with our local schools at all levels, supporting our emerging professionals, or creating citizen architects. The plan is to be a guide to keep us focused on the best course of action to meet our goals.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your chapter president and for all that you do to support our chapter and profession!
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Sharon Day, AIA
GWWO Inc./Architects