September 30, 2019 / Member News

Baltimore Representation on the AIA Strategic Council

Baltimore, MD (September 30, 2019) – Congratulation to Tom Liebel, FAIA, of Moseley Architects and Brad Rogers of the South Baltimore Gateway Partnership on their elections to Moderator and At-Large Member respectively of the AIA Strategic Council.
Statement from Tom Liebel, FAIA:
I am honored to have been elected the 2020 Moderator of the AIA’s Strategic Council.  The Strategic Council serves as something of a ‘think tank’ for the AIA, advising the Board of Directors on emerging issues that may have an impact on the profession and conveying information and activities undertaken at the national level back to individual regions and local chapters.  The council is comprised of a broad-based membership with a little more than 50 members, composed of geographically-diverse Regional Representatives, At-Large Representatives, and members from national AIA leadership representing the Board of Directors, Associates, Students, and CACE.
Moving into my third and final year as one of two Mid-Atlantic Regional Representatives to the Council, as Moderator I will help to organize and lead the efforts of the Strategic Council, and will serve as the primary conduit between the Strategic Council and the AIA’s Board of Directors.
Statement from Brad Rogers:
Architecture has the ability to help us confront serious societal challenges in enduring ways. I am excited for the opportunity to join this critical conversation at a time when so many urgent topics — like climate change, sustainability, and basic social cohesion — are now so visibly coming to a head. 
The AIA Strategic Council advances the profession by informing the Board of Directors and other Institute bodies of important professional issues and opportunities. The Council is charged with surveying the profession to identify opportunities and threats, and engaging in strategic planning to inform the goals, objectives and strategies of AIA. The Council was instrumental in the preparation of the AIA 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, approved by the Board of Directors. The Strategic Council is tasked with ideation/research/generative thought-based activities. It is an outward-focused, forward-thinking, and member-centric group.