October 6, 2020 / Member News


• 2-year term to offset the Mid-Atlantic RAD.
• Represent Associate AIA members in the Mid-Atlantic by serving as the AIA Mid-Atlantic Regional Associate Director on the AIA National Associates
Committee (NAC).
• Requires strong communication skills – both written and verbal. The ability to thoughtfully listen, read, and great organizational skills are as important as
your ability to ideate, speak in public, and write well.
• Remember: While Associates are often Emerging Professionals (EPs) – not all Associates are EPs. The RAD position should be considered by all
AIA Associate members who are interested in the opportunity to serve and advocate for their fellow Associate and AIA members.

• Position is funded by the Mid-Atlantic to allow for travel and other costs to meetings, conventions, etc.
• If elected Mid-Atlantic RAD: Please anticipate attending at least one conference to “shadow” myself to assist in a smooth transition. The Mid-Atlantic
will fund / reimburse your expenses for this.
• Mid-Atlantic Region meets once a year in person – the meeting location rotates among each state.
• Conventions: Attend National, Regional, and State Conventions representing your position. Includes Grassroots, National Convention, etc.
• Other Opportunities: You may take up initiatives and serve on other committees / task forces as you see fit, via this role.

For more info: http://www.aia.org/careerstages/resources/AIAB092283
• Tasks, Roles, and Time Commitment:
o Quarterly all-committee conference calls (typically one hour)
o Monthly task force/work group conference calls (typically one hour long)
▪ Tasks and correspondence on assigned work between calls. General time commitment is an hour or two a week but does
vary through the year.
▪ Please note that if one misses 3 consecutive committee calls and/or meetings, the NAC reserves the right to remove the RAD
from the committee. All RADs are expected to, and needed to, contribute meaningfully to the NAC to ensure its success.
o Annual NAC + Young Architects Forum Yearly Meeting
▪ This is the only meeting that travel costs, lodging, and other expenses are paid for by AIA National.
▪ This meeting typically takes place in early-mid February
o NAC Advisory Committee Members
▪ These are the leadership positions of the full committee. Positions are selected through an election process by the NAC
Committee. The NAC Chair will sit on both the AIA Strategic Council and Board of Directors as part of the leadership cycle.
▪ Elected Committee Chair, Strategic Council Liaison (past-chair), Director serving on the National Board of Directors (senior
past-chair) and 3 At-Large Directors (all voting committee members), plus AIA staff, AIAS, YAF, NCARB, and CACE Liaisons
(all non-voting)
• Employer Support: Tacit support is helpful, but not a mandate.
o Set appropriate expectations with your employer. Plan well in advance that you will be on attending the NAC + YAF Annual Meeting,
Regional Assembly Meeting, AIA Grassroots, National Convention, and State / Regional Conventions.
o Generally, the first two quarters of the year has the largest time commitment.
o Week to week, your employer and fellow employees should be respectful of your schedule as it relates to your monthly NAC and other
conference calls. This should not be overlooked. The majority of your communication will happen through these calls – if you cannot
regularly take part, because you do feel comfortable keeping your schedule clear for this calls, you will not be regularly communicating in
an effective manner – and will not be making the most of the experience.


(Please submit the following to me by Friday November 20th, 2020 (11:59pm EDT)
• Letter of Interest (Maximum of 500 words).
• Latest Resume / CV
• Two (2) Letters of Recommendation