October 6, 2020 / Member News

Needed: Young Architect Regional Director [YARD] | AIA Mid-Atlantic

Term Length: 2 years
Overview: The AIA Young Architects Forum [YAF] is the voice of recently licensed Architects,
and a catalyst for progress within the institute. As the future of architecture, we are the
professionals who use 21st century design skills to respond to issues of both today and
tomorrow while changing the way people live, work, and play. The YAF Committee has the
following three overriding values:

 LEADERSHIP is the practice of actively engaging recently licensed Architects to affect
positive change for a betterment of our members, their firms, their communities, and
the Institute overall.

 MENTORSHIP is the developmental partnership through which a seasoned Architect
(mentor) shares knowledge, skills, information, and perspective with an Intern Architect
or recently licensed Architect (mentee) in order to develop specific skills and knowledge
that will enhance the mentee’s professional and personal growth.

 FELLOWSHIP is the condition of sharing similar interests, ideal, or experiences with
other recently licensed Architects or more experienced Architect in a congenial, collegial
atmosphere on equal terms.

Role & Responsibilities for YAF (National)
Role: The national representative of the members of the Mid-Atlantic region who have been
licensed for 10 years or less. The YARD is the conduit between AIA DC, AIA Baltimore,
AIA Chesapeake Bay, AIA Potomac Valley, and AIA Delaware emerging professionals and
their respective EP committees, as well as the YAF Advisory Committee [Ad. Com.]

• Attend Annual YAF – NAC Joint Meeting [typically 2 day duration, sometimes occurs in
conjunction with Grassroots Leadership Conference]
o Paid for by AIA National
• Attend [1]monthly full committee teleconference with national YAF committee [1-hour
• Participate in [1] YAF Focus Group led by the YAF Advisory Committee
o Communications, Community, Knowledge, Practice Innovation, Advocacy
o Attend an additional [1] monthly teleconference, depending on focus group’s
• Suggesting or encouraging young architects for nomination for regional or national
awards, positions or committees/subcommittees.

Role & Responsibilities for AIA Mid-Atlantic (Regional)
Appointed to YAF by previous Mid-Atlantic YARD and Selection committee
 The YARD receives a conference stipend of $1500 per year for responsibility expenses
from the AIA Mid-Atlantic Region. (Conferences, regional travel, national/regional
events, etc.) YARDs are encouraged to identify volunteer opportunities to reduce costs.
Role: The YARD is an AIA Mid-Atlantic Committee member. The YARD is the conduit between
AIA DC, AIA Baltimore, AIA Chesapeake Bay, AIA Potomac Valley, and AIA Delaware.

• Maintaining quarterly communication with all EP committees within the MARC, and
serve as a conduit between local EP committees and the AdCom.
• Disseminating information to and collecting information from local chapters as
requested. Submitting a regional report as requested.
• Attend the following AIA National Conferences
o Optional (Encouraged): Grassroots Leadership Conference [typically 3 day
o Optional (Encouraged): AIA National Conference on Architecture [typically 3 day
• Attend the [2] two MARC bi-annual meetings (typically around Grassroots and Design

Please submit the following to me by Friday November 20th, 2020 (11:59 EDT):
• A Letter of Interest
• Professional resume (that highlights your leadership history)
• Two (2) letters of recommendation from Industry leaders/ professionals
Please submit the final compiled application to Beresford Pratt, AIA MARC YARD at bpratt@asgarchitects.com