January 24, 2022 / Events

Hybrid Panelization (BEC Baltimore + AIA Baltimore)

Thursday, February 10, 2022
Via webinar
12:30-1:30pm (Eastern)
1 AIA LU (HSW) will be provided

Off-site panelized construction is a growing and efficient method of production in commercial construction. Typically, panels are fabricated completely off-site and transported and installed on-site as a full wall system. However, due to potential irregularities in building materials, challenges with ensuring continuity of control functions between panels can arise, specifically related to air and water control. The Philly Live! Hotel and Casino opted for a hybrid approach combining pre-fabrication of the wall panels including the CFMF substrate, gypsum sheathing and air/water resistive membrane, allowing for appropriate sealing between panels on site prior to installation of the exterior insulation and cladding. Please join BEC-Baltimore and EDA Contractors in a discussion on this hybrid approach.

In this session, participants will learn to:

  • Differentiate the positives and negatives of typical ‘panelization’ versus hybrid ‘panelization’;
  • Recognize the sequence coordination involved in constructing a complicated exterior panel rainscreen wall system;
  • Examine virtual design tools and functionality needed to synchronize the installer and design team; and
  • Appraise multiple virtual design tools in realistic scenarios in an actual case study during a pandemic.