Design Collective Volunteers with Neighborhood Design Center to Benefit United Efforts, and is Selected for Light City Baltimore 2016

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Image courtesy Design Collective, Inc.

Baltimore, MD – Several Design Collective employees recently volunteered their services to assist the Neighborhood Design Center in providing conceptual plans and other documentation for the design of the Unified Efforts center.

Unified Efforts is an anti-bullying organization founded in 2012 by former police detective Debbie Ramsey. Her vision for the youth center was to create an environment that exposes inner city youth (K-12) to various activities and professions to broaden their experiences to a variety of living perspectives and enlightening a career path, while promoting self-esteem and building a sense of community.

Unified Efforts recently purchased an existing rowhouse located in the Penn-North neighborhood. The current program for the renovated four-story structure (approximately 3,000 SF) includes a reception area, lounge/café, multi-purpose room, performance space, audiovisual production facilities, a computer lab, warming kitchen, administrative offices, library and meeting space. The documentation developed by Design Collective will be utilized in Unified Efforts’ ongoing fundraising and community outreach efforts. To donate to this great cause, please click here.

Premiering in 2016, Light City Baltimore is the first large-scale, international light festival in the United States. Light City’s innovation programming is centered on generating an ecosystem of ideas and learning during the day, followed by light shows, performances and live music that will bring the Inner Harbor to life at night.

Design Collective’s winning proposal, “Light Wave | Baltimore’s Beacon”, will be located at Pier V, reestablishing the identity of the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse and repurposing its use of light from a traditional application to a more immersive experience that engages its home in the city. The sights, sounds, and people of Baltimore are what create its dynamic and vibrant atmosphere.

This installation will bring together multiple disciplines, including visual arts, architecture, music and technology, to create an interactive display of light and sound that echoes the pulse of Charm City. Several microphones around the lighthouse will capture the sounds of the Inner Harbor and transform them into an audiovisual display of undulating “Light Waves.” These “waves” will then be projected onto a panoramic screen surrounding the lighthouse at its base, overlaid with images of Baltimore’s neighborhoods and communities to create a visual experience that can be enjoyed from all sides. The overall effect would create a fluid and dynamic visual representation of the ambient sounds of the Inner Harbor.

The installation will also provide engaging experiences at the pedestrian level where speech, volume, pitch and tone are captured and visually represented through the Light Wave’s projections. For example,  pedestrians can see the difference between a casual conversation, a whisper or yell, creating unique wave patterns through a change of voice, tone and volume. This feature goes a step further, allowing for nearby musical performances to influence the project as well. Heavy percussion would create sharp, staccato crashes of waves, while softer sounds result in more gentle undulations of light. Design Collective’s submission was chosen by a jury of five from more than 150 national and international submissions. Light Wave was designed to remind residents and visitors alike of the true essence of Baltimore: A place that draws its light, innovation and spirit for reinvention from the very pulse of the City. For a conceptual rendering and representative animation of the winning submission, please visit:

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