Emergent Visions Exhibit

Credit: Khashayar Shahkolahi

Credit: Khashayar Shahkolahi

The projects will be on display in the AIABaltimore Gallery through the month of June. Gallery is open during business hours: Monday-Friday, 9 am – 5pm or evenings by appointment.

Please visit us to see the Morgan State University 2015 Annual Graduate Architecture Terminal Project Exhibition.

The exhibition features drawings, images and models of the students’ final projects, providing insights into the concepts and processes underlying the exploratory nature of the work. The diversity of the work represents the culmination of each student’s research, experimentation,and critical thinking in the dynamic and demanding Terminal Project Studio.

The Studio, with its mandate of a meaningful and consequential engagement with the built environment, produces projects that embody a strong commitment to the cultural and social processes of architecture, and provide a fresh perspective on the physical, technological and ecological conditions of the contemporary city.

The displayed projects express individual visions, defining architectural design and practice organized around systematic inquiry. In sum, the projects provide a creative and critical lens on a broad range of issues of contemporary and emergent cultures.

  • Ruth Connell AIA
  • Sanjit Roy
  • Willyem Boles
  • Elizabeth Deveau
  • Mariam Eshete
  • Amy Frank
  • Brian Friesen
  • Antoine Heath
  • Chris Hervy
  • Alisa Karpusyuk
  • Paul Lancaster
  • Olabisi Oladele
  • Memoona Schuaib
  • Khashayar Shahkolahy

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