When: Thursday, June 18 / 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
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Architectures of Socialization & Control: A Conversation about Schools, Prisons, and Housing (SAH, Latrobe Chapter)

Presented by the New York Review of Architecture + Interference Archive, the event will focus on the intersections of schools, prisons, and housing. It will feature Latrobe’s 2020 symposium keynote speaker Dr. Amber Wiley in conversation with Dr. Joy Knoblauch, and will be moderated by Dante Furioso. Dr. Wiley’s research concerns architecture of schools in Washington, DC and prior to earning her PhD from GWU, she served on the board of directors of the Latrobe Chapter.


Amber Wiley specializes in architecture, urbanism, and African American cultural studies. Her research interests are centered on the social aspects of design and how it affects urban communities – architecture as a literal and figural structure of power. She focuses on the ways local and national bodies have made the claim for the dominating narrative and collective memory of cities and examines how preservation and public history contribute to the creation and maintenance of the identity and “sense of place” of a city.

Joy Knoblauch is an Assistant Professor of Architecture teaching history and theory of architecture as an exploration of architecture’s engagement with politics and science. She is on the steering committee of the University of Michigan’s Science, Technology & Society Program and the steering committee for the Graduate Certificate in Healthy Cities. Her first book on The Architecture of Good Behavior: Psychology and Modern Institutional Design in Postwar America is forthcoming in the spring of 2020. Her current research expands this critique of functional theories of psyche into sensory and empathic arenas including a critical interpretation of ergonomics.


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