When: Tuesday, March 08 / 12:00 pm – 1:10 pm
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Baltimore – Rotterdam: Designing Cities (8 Week Webinar Series)

Elina Karanastasi ex.s architecture
Megan Elcrat, Present Company

This webinar series is about design! During these eight weeks, sixteen lectures, we will open a dynamic discussion among Rotterdam and Baltimore-based designers on architecture and cities and draw conclusions on how design and policy can better the built environment for everyone to access.

We will observe how different architecture offices based in Rotterdam and in Baltimore operate in order to design (in) the city and improve citizens’ experience of space.

Each week, two designers will discuss design topics from a social, spatial and architectural point of view specific to Rotterdam and Baltimore.

Designers have been combined to reflect similarities in size, projects and methodology. Through lectures, moderated dialogues, and exchanges with the audience, we will explore if and how the environment (historical, political, economical, social, environmental, economies, …) is truly determinant to the fail or success of a project and what that really means for the city, the citizens and their well-being.