When: Thursday, April 23 / 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

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Building Resiliency When The Going Gets Tough (ULI)

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What does it take to adapt to changing conditions?  How can you conquer self-doubt and fears, while becoming more proficient at perseverance, resilience, and tenacity?

Emotional Intelligence has been touted as one of the most important skills in a successful person’s toolkit. Training in Emotional Intelligence can build confidence, develop grit, and teach how to manage the inevitable ups and downs of the business environment.

Dr. Judy Morley is a certified emotional intelligence trainer who helps teams build resiliency, adapt to changing conditions, manage relationships and solve ever-evolving problems. 

Resiliency is based on the same principles as emotional intelligence:


·        Self Awareness:  Learn to identify when you’re overwhelmed, frustrated, and angry, and have the discipline to take a break.  It’s never easy to adapt to change, but it’s even harder in a negative frame of mind.

·         Self Management:  After identifying your feelings, keep yourself from getting emotionally hijacked.  Learn ways to take care of yourself so that you stay recharged and energized.

·         Social Awareness:  Learn to empathize.  Put yourself in your clients’ or team members’ place and learn to say what they need to hear.  This helps avoid frustration and miscommunication by talking when your audience is most receptive.

·         Relationship Management:  Learn to communicate effectively, understand accountability and set clear boundaries.  Learning good relationship management skills helps you manage expectations and accomplish goals.


Dr. Judy’s emotional intelligence presentation is part of her broader package on Purposeful Leadership, which will also keep teams focused on their “why.” 

By the close of this presentation, you will leave equipped with tools to help identify key factors to expand your resiliency, be more successful and therefore have greater engagement at work.