When: Wednesday, April 06 / 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
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Learning Series: Exploring the Many Advantages of Big Brick (Glen Gery)

Clay brick provides you with many advantages. Hundreds of different colors, shapes and textures are just a few examples. We can also manufacture brick in many different sizes. Employing larger brick on your project can reduce the installed cost of masonry drastically and enhance its sustainability, energy efficiency, as well as reduce maintenance cost.

Topics to be covered include:


We will look at the way in which brick are made and how this affects their use with special emphasis given to larger units. At this point we will also talk about manufacturer’s efforts to be environmentally friendly.

Cost and Estimation

We will explore a typical wall and compare the final costs of modular brick to the larger sizes.

Mason’s Production

The main advantage gained from using larger masonry units is an increased in the wall area laid each day. We will compare production with a large unit versus a standard modular unit.

Coursing and Patterns

Larger brick may have different coursing requirements. We will look at these and give you all the tools you will need to make your building something to be proud of.