Future Architects Resources (FAR) Architecture Student Scholarship Awards

  • FAR Undergraduate Scholarship Award. Rendering by Pauline Sipin

The FAR Architecture Student Scholarship Awards were presented at the 2014 AIABaltimore Excellence in Design Awards.

The Undergraduate Scholarship was awarded to:Pauline Sipin from Morgan State University School of Architecture + Planning  for design studio project: Pixelated Water, Putting the Chesapeake Bay into Focus

Undergraduate Honorable Mention Citations were also awarded to: Christian Cueva and Christine Doherty students at Morgan State University School of Architecture + Planning. The Graduate Scholarship was presented to: Paul Lancaster, Morgan State University School of Architecture + Planning Graduate Honorable Mention Citation was awarded to: Khashayar Shahkolahy, Morgan State Univeristy.

Congratulations to these future architects.

The first Baltimore Architecture Foundation/AIABaltimore Fellows Leadership Award was presented to Marvin Oduro, a sophomore at Morgan State’s University’s School of Architecture and Planning. This award is intended to encourage and assist students to be leaders in their academic program and foster leadership skills for their future in the architecture profession. In addition, two finalist runners-up for this award were, Morgan Cobbs and Andrew Ngure. Congratulations!

If you are interested in volunteering or joining the FAR committee, please email admin@aiabalt.com.

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