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If you’ve never worked with an architect before, you likely have questions. Does your project really require an architect? At what point should you involve a design team? The American Institute of Architects provides tools to help you throughout the design process. 

  • Architect Finder
    The AIA’s Architect Finder helps you locate AIA architects in your area. Refine your search by entering your building type, or search for a specific architect by entering a firm name.
  • Find another building professional  (coming soon!)

How to Select an AIA Architect (PDF)
Advice on selecting an architect whose personality and qualifications are a match for you and your project.

Questions to Ask Your Architect (PDF)
Twenty questions to ask your architect at the start your project. 

You and Your Architect (PDF)
Guidance on how to establish and benefit from the professional, business, and personal relationships between you and your architect.

AIA Contract Documents (PDF)
The AIA provides a comprehensive set of legal documents that govern relationships between owners, architects, and other members of the design and construction team. These documents are downloadable, and represent the industry standard in outlining rights and responsibilities, and protecting each party involved in a building project. The documents are customizable with fill-in-the-blank formatting, and complete instructions.

The Owner-Architect Agreement (PDF)
Learn more about the Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect, and what it means to you.

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