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At the beginning of each year, we ask you to pay your membership dues and update all contact information for inclusion in the 2014-15 Membership Directory. Renewal notices (with invoice included) have been sent via physical mail to our members. 

The renewal deadline is March 7. Of course, you may join AIABaltimore at any time during the year. Our membership cycle is based on the calendar year.

A dues table is available. If you have questions about these figures, supplemental firm dues or your renewal invoice, please contact Jean Marie Krygowski, AIA , Membership Manager, 410.625.2585,

AT THIS TIME, WE DO NOT OFFER AN ONLINE PAYMENT METHOD. Please call the AIABaltimore office to pay over the phone by credit card: 410.625.2585.


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We are third oldest chapter of the American Institute of Architects, and have over 1,100 members creating and advocating for great, sustainable design in Charm City!
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