Opportunism and Principle. A Protest.

Klaus headshotBy Klaus Philipsen, FAIA

Excerpt from Klaus’s blog, Community Architect

CEO Robert Ivy running the business of the Institute had no business to comment on the presidential election hours after the polls closed. Not before it is clear in any way how the President Elect will shape his urban, environmental, housing or climate change policies, areas for which AIA had carefully developed goals and strategies over the past years in an attempt of re-calibrating an organization that many saw out of step with our times. AIA had finally recognized that architecture is not just a business but that the profession bears broad societal responsibility.

This being said, nothing would be less productive now than weakening the AIA. Cities, the built environment and infrastructure play a major role now and will do so even more in the future. The nation cannot come together and be strong without its metropolitan areas. Architects have a role to play  in shaping the future and ensuring that the future won’t look like the past. A strong statement of AIA that provides a compass in a difficult time is urgently needed. How much the AIA is an organization representing all, ultimately depends on its 89,000 members. Stay or become active and make your voice heard. I will continue to this with the national RUDC, the local UDC and various non-profits and the power of the word.

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