A Sustainable Environment for All

Volunteering with the Neighborhood Design Center

Volunteering with the Neighborhood Design Center

By Rudy Schaar, AIA – COTE | R Co-Chair

I joined the AIABaltimore Committee on the Environment and Resiliency because of a desire to contribute my knowledge of and belief in the benefits of a sustainable environment for all who live and work here. Our committee does this by bringing together diverse groups, each with their own expertise, to exchange ideas and to increase our knowledge beyond what has been considered the traditional field of architecture. By exploring the opportunities available to us, we as professionals can make our city and country healthier, more resilient and sustainable for all people.

About AIABaltimore

We are third oldest chapter of the American Institute of Architects, and have over 1,100 members creating and advocating for great, sustainable design in Charm City!

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