Sculptures by Alberto Cavalieri
June 23, 2023 / Center for Architecture and Design

Alberto Cavalieri Work on View at Center for Architecture and Design

Catalyst Contemporary and the Baltimore chapter of the American Institute of Architects partner to present sculpture by Alberto Cavalieri at the Center for Architecture and Design located in historic Charles Center. The works on display come from Cavalieri’s series of twisting and elegant “Knots.” In solid cast iron and fabricated, modular aluminum these knot sculptures take viewers on a journey through the beautiful potential of Cavalieri’s elegant forms and into the context of the much larger-scaled possibilities of architecture. The exhibit at the Center for Architecture and Design will feature the small-scaled minimalist style pieces.

Cavalieri’s knot sculptures are contorted forms balancing precariously and defying the possibilities of such heavy and solid structures. At times elegant and polished and other times conveying a look of decay and mangled parts, the artist seeks to reconcile oppositional forces not only materially but also symbolically. His sculpture creates an opportunity to bring a spiritual harmony to the unfulfilled promises of civil life in Venezuela by turning the concept of a failed commitment into a shining symbol of affirmation. In more recent years, Cavalieri has begun conceiving of his sculptures through careful engineering via a computer-aided-design program. The different prefabricated parts, in theory, enable anyone to construct their own forms – a type of highly engineered democratization. Sculptures constructed of modular units with visible, precisely fitting hardware, enable the artist to create myriad forms using an economy of elements.  These knot sculptures adhere to a Minimalist construct: it is all about form, weight, balance, and texture. To these considerations, Cavalieri adds layers of conceptual meaning: his concern about the constant quotidian reminder of abandoned promises brings deeper human significance to the works.

In mid-2020, AIA Baltimore and its sister organization Baltimore Architecture Foundation opened the Center for Architecture and Design. The Center serves as a high-profile, visible space to showcase the important role of architectural practice and design, and as a dynamic hub to engage professionals, students, and the public through member and public events, programs, and exhibits. The Center was designed to be both a laboratory and a showcase of design thinking. AIA Baltimore is excited to exhibit Alberto Cavalieri’s works to promote dialog about form, materiality, and construction and, on a deeper level, the artist’s use of knots in response to the built environment of his native Venezuela.

Join us for a virtual artist talk Thursday, August 3 from 6-7:00pm to learn more about Cavalieri’s work (free registration).