Maryland Business Recovery Storefront Improvement Program

In November 2015, the Hogan administration granted $650,000 to fund a storefront improvement program supporting small businesses affected by the protests in response to the death of Freddie Gray.

Grant funds are used for architectural design, workforce development and construction services to improve building and storefront exteriors so that the visual appeal and marketability of individual buildings and commercial districts will be enhanced.

The program received 145 applications requesting grant funds to improve more than 180 individual buildings. Of these, the twenty-six highest priority projects were chosen for award, which will result in exterior upgrades to nearly 50 businesses. Seventy-three percent of these buildings were in areas of concentrated damage after the protests. Each storefront will receive up to $10,000 in improvements.

Completed Projects

Pennsylvania Avenue Improvements

Artists: Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, Jubilee Arts Contractor: Civic Works

Westside Pharmacy

Architect: Tomato Design, LLC Contractor: Civic Works

Legal Services Associates, Inc.

Architect: ArchPlan Inc. Philipsen Architects Contractor: Living Classrooms


Grant Program Manager: Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development

Architectural Design: AIABaltimore, Baltimore Heritage, Neighborhood Design Center

Workforce Development/Construction: Living Classrooms, Civic Works

Advocacy: Preservation Maryland

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